Here are the top 6 tourist attractions to see in Rome

Piazza Navona, Rome Overview

Hailed as a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, the Piazza Navona is bristling with life in a hundred shops, restaurants and eateries that surround this historical place.

The Piazza Navona was worked on by Borromini and Bernini. It is populated by street cafes and open air performances and a very festive atmosphere. You could go there to wonder at the architectural magnificence as you sip on the best coffee in your life, while a local street performer plays the most melodious tunes in the background. This is a great place for history buffs, families, couples and even solo travellers!


This was originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre, and was mostly used as public entertainment arena.

The Colosseum is one of the most famous attractions in Rome, and is where most gladiatorial fights took place. Today, actors in gladiator clothes stand outside the Colosseum, where you can take pictures with them. The Colosseum is a testament to the ingenuity of the builders, having stood the test of time. While parts have been damaged, the Colosseum still remains standing in most of it’s original glory today. It is advisable that you buy your tickets in advance to skip the ticketing queue, which can be quite the time saver!

EUR, Rome

One of the most chilling yet underrated attractions of Rome, the EUR houses works by famous architects like Marcello Piacentini, Giuseppe Pagano Pogatschnig, Luigi Piccinato, Luigi Vietti and Ettore Rossi. If you do visit, do not miss the Palazzo della Civiltö Italiana, the Fascist answer to the Colosseum.

Vatican Museums

Founded in the 16th century, the museums are one of the best in the world.

The Vatican museums feature 7 km of historically and culturally significant artefacts. Their acquisition of everything from Egyptian mummies to modern paintings is as impressive as their labelling is not. Hire a guide, take an audio guide or buy a guide book to get the full impact of the centuries of history in these hallowed halls.

Galleria Borghese

The Galleria Borghese is one of the most extensive and impressive private collections in the world. If they had to choose one museum to visit during your Roman vacation, many people would choose this over the Vatican!

The Galleria Borghese is filled to the gills with Bernini, Raphael and artefacts like floor tiles from the Colosseum that are directly lifted from the blueprints of history. The galleria allows only 300 odd people to enter it every session, with every session lasting 2 hours. Buy your tickets in advance! The approach to the Galleria Borghese is the Villa Borghese, which can also turn into a beautiful stroll if you plan your day accordingly.

The Pantheon

One of the most culturally significant and most well preserved buildings in Rome, the Pantheon houses the remains of several illustrious figures, including Raphael.

The origins of the Pantheon are contested, with some claiming that it was a temple dedicated to the pagan gods of Rome while others say it was the sacra privata of the original builder, Agrippa. In any case, the Pantheon is currently in use as a church, and you can even participate in Mass, held there every Sunday. The pantheon currently also houses the remains of late Italian Kings Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I, along with the latter’s wife, Margherita; along with them, the tomb of the artist Raphael is also located in the Pantheon.

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